What is a “church without walls?”

We are “a community of presence” made up of individuals looking for spiritual companionship and connection that give meaning to life. We welcome everyone — the homeless and the affluent, the addicted and those in recovery, the churched and the unchurched, the spiritual but not religious, the believer, the doubter and the seeker. We are grounded in the reality that “by opening ourselves to strangers — the despised or frightening or unintelligible other — we will see more and more of the holy.”[1] Again and again, we will be transformed.

What is urban mission?


Urban mission within the Diocese of Florida seeks to share the Gospel beyond the church walls, to help create a bridge between people in the pews and our neighbors — both those with whom we are familiar and those from whom we are separated in our daily lives.

[1] From prologue to Take this Bread by Sara Miles.