Alternative Christmas Market

imageYou can support our “church without walls” ministry AND honor a friend or loved one at the same time!

We are delighted to offer our “alternative Christmas market.” Simply choose to purchase one or more of the items regularly used in our “ministry of presence” and you will receive special gift cards that you can share with loved ones, letting them know that a gift has been made in their honor.

Download the following form for instructions on ordering alternative Christmas market items and receiving your gift cards: Alternative Christmas Market

Please choose from the following, most needed items:

EcclessiaCrossEcclesia crosses for Sunday services. $7/each.
These are purchased at cost ($7/each), and blessed and given to congregants as part of our liturgy as a reminder that they have a place where they belong.

Coffee.  $7/canister.

We buy as many pounds of name-brand coffee as we can.  We serve an average of 500 cups each week and are told this is “the best place to get a cup of coffee!”

10pd sugarSugar.  $5 per 10lb bag.
Our folks run through about 16 pounds of sugar each week at our Wednesday Morning Prayer and Coffee Fellowship!


Creamer. $8/case.
Helps make the coffee go down!

Send an email to the Rev. Beth Tjoflat ( with any questions.

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